Climbing & Rappelling Equipment

Do you want to get the right climbing & rappelling equipment but don’t know where to buy them? Here at, we have everything you need for mountain climbing. From mini carabiners to climbing ropes, we have them all!

Our shop offers the best equipment for extreme adventure sports. We also offer bungee cords, paracord, and many more. By experience, we know the importance of safe and sturdy equipment. We assure you that our products are proven and tested by many professionals

Buying Guide

Before you proceed to buy a climbing equipment, make sure you know which factors to consider first. This will help you provide an informed buying decision firsthand. These are some which you have to consider:

1. When Buying Ropes

In choosing the right ropes, there are certain considerations that you should take note before purchasing one. One of the factors that you have to consider is the type of heavy-duty rope that fits your specifications. It is important that you ask an expert before purchasing the ropes, as he can help you analyze the diameter and length that is fit for your weight. There are two types of ropes, namely: 

  • Dynamic Ropes - dynamic climbing ropes are elastic and often used for rock climbing. These ropes are made to help absorb the gravity of the fall of the person going down the terrain.  Single ropes, twin ropes, and half ropes are some of the examples of dynamic ropes
  • Static Ropes - static ropes are ropes that are often used for rappelling, caving, and emergency rescues. Static ropes are stiff and not stretchable. It can’t withstand the impact of the person’s energy from moving down the terrain.

2. When Choosing Carabiners

When choosing the right carabiner, make sure you know what kind of function you want. From there, you can easily classify which of the types of carabiners is best suited for you.  

There are 6 different types of carabiners we offer you. We have the Offset D Carabiner, Asymmetrical D, Oval link, Oval, Pear or HMS carabiner, and Semi-circle or 3D carabiners. It is important that you check out which type is the best suited for your climbing and rappelling adventure.

Once you have decided on the type and the number of carabiners that you will be using, make sure that you check the locks before purchasing them. This is to ensure that your carabiners will not accidentally open during your climbing expedition. Make sure the lock can be easily opened when you maneuver it when moving from one carabiner to another.

3. When Buying Paracords

Paracords or parachute cords are often used for emergency rappelling. They are thinner compared to static ropes and are also not suitable for heavy climbing activities.

Before buying your paracord, make sure that you weight yourself. Your weight will help you determine the correct paracord that is best suited for your weight. Paracords are labeled according to the weight of the person who will be using it.

Accidents can happen especially if you have the wrong equipment. It is very important that you know which equipment is best suited for different kinds of climbing terrains. Taking these into account will help you make the right purchase for the right price.

Here at, we always put the safety of our customers first. We make sure that our products have been approved and tested by the Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA).  We offer an extensive selection of climbing and rappelling paraphernalia for different kinds of climbing terrains. Visit us now and avail of the best equipment at a budget-friendly price.

Climbing & Rappelling Equipment

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