If you’re into hunting, shooting or hunting decoys are of a great help. Turkey decoys, waterfowl decoys, and deer decoys are just some of the decoy types we offer here at With the right decoy for the right situation, you can easily attract your prey into your trap.

Types of Hunting Decoys

There are various types of decoys, and the one you’re going to use will depend on your target. Here are some of the hunting decoy types you can find here at 

  • Deer decoys – a doe decoy is ideal if you want to attract a buck. You can find a number of deer decoys in the market such as the Scarface by Primos. If you want to add a more realistic effect, you can even apply it with attractants to increase its effectiveness. You can also use a combination of both doe and buck decoy to further attract the other bucks present in your target area.
  • Duck decoysduck decoys are extremely helpful whenever you go duck hunting. However, you have to make sure the decoy is very realistic. There are a number of duck decoys here at, most of which have realistic designs and colors. Decoys that come with spinning wings are also proven to be quite effective. Also, don’t place too many duck decoys out on the lake as they will only look unnatural to a real duck. 
  • Turkey decoys – turkeys are yet another popular target for hunters. Using a decoy will help increase your success of hunting down one. Compared to ducks, turkeys have poor sight and hearing when from a distance. Hence, your turkey decoy will look real to them. However, just make sure that you place them in areas and clearings that can easily be spotted.
  • Coyote decoys – compared to the other decoys in this list, a coyote decoy is a bit different. This is because coyotes hunt in solo and will only go for smaller animals. Therefore, the ideal decoy for coyotes is often a small animal such as a rabbit. It will also help if your decoy comes with a screeching sound of the coyote’s prey.

Buying Guide

Before you buy a decoy, make sure you consider these factors first:

1. Realistic Look

The more realistic your decoy appear, the more effective it will be in attracting your target. Brands like Mojo Decoys and Primos are known for creating realistic models of game animals like deer, ducks, and turkeys. If you want to have a successful game, make sure you only go for realistic products.

2. Usability

It’s common that decoys are really important during the hunting season. But what about the time when it’s over? There are some decoys that you can use as decorations in your house. Hence make sure that when you purchase a decoy, it can also be used for decorative purposes.

3. Weight

Whenever you go hunting, you will have to carry these decoys with you. Therefore, it only makes sense if you choose a product that is lightweight and easy to carry. Don’t settle for heavy decoys as they will only leave you feeling tired before you can even start hunting.

4. Durability

Durability is an important factor especially if you place your decoys in wet areas. The material used should be capable of withstanding certain weather and conditions, allowing you to use the decoy after several hunting trips.

Nowadays, you can find both 2D and 3D models. This provides you with a wider range of products to choose from. Before you start hunting, make sure you have a trusty decoy with you. For that, simply browse our selection of hunting decoys here at

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