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If you’re having trouble with tracking big game like hogs and deer, using feeders, bait, & seed will help you. We at Sumoshop.com understand how difficult it can be to track and control their movements. We offer a wide array of feeders, bait, and seed for your animal luring needs. With the right hog or deer attractant, for example, you can control where you want them to be.

Choose from our selection of feeders, food plots, and deer bait from various brands trusted by big game hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. It is recommended to use these products strategically to produce the best results.

Product Options

Various products in our inventory will suit the needs of big game hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike. However, you should select the perfect product and decide on the method of attracting deer or other game.

If you want to attract a deer in an instant, it’s ideal to choose from any of our deer attractants and baits such as the Swamp Donkey by Primos. These products are easy to use, and you don’t need much time to prepare them.  In some places, however, hunting over bait can be illegal so it’s important to check your local laws before using them. Also, using a bait can change a deer’s behavior over time, such as going to the bait or attractant at night to avoid hunters during the day.

Food plots like Honey Hole from Antler King are arguably preferred by deer hunters who want stronger and healthier deer. This is due to the fact that deer eat fruits. This makes them avoid ingesting waste materials from other deer. Moreover, this makes attracting them much more natural as they behave like a normal deer looking for natural food sources in the wild. Maintaining plots can be expensive and tedious but it can guarantee you great results.

Buying Guide

If you decide to use attractants, it is best to learn more about them. Generally, there are five kinds of attractants: 

  • Powder
  • Foods
  • Liquids
  • Blocks
  • Sprays and scents

Knowing when and where to use certain types of attractants can certainly change your hunting strategy. It is also important to know the species of the deer around them. There are certain attractants that are heavily targeted towards certain species. It is important to learn how to attract deer with other methods by tempting their other senses while using an attractant. You may use deer calls, decoys, as well as other types of deer attractants. Most importantly, as mentioned previously, it is wise to check the laws of using baits and attractants in your area.

If food plots are more appealing to you, place them strategically and maintain them. Although it can be a tedious task, these pointers can help you. 

  • Make sure your plot size is neither too big nor too small. If it’s too big, maintaining it will be very difficult. If it’s too small, your crops may not mature at all.
  • Use different crops for different seasons and don’t limit yourself to one crop.
  • For hunting, pick your vantage point. Make sure your plot is within your firing range and that provides stealthy cover
  • Choose the right shape for your plot according to your vantage point for precise kill shots.


Entice deer, as well as other big game, with our quality feeders, bait, and food plot seed. With proper usage, you can yield the best results using our products. At Sumoshop.com we offer you the best hunting and outdoor equipment in the market, and we give you the best deals so you can get the best bang for the buck (no pun intended).

Looking for the right gear for your next hunting trip? Don’t worry, Sumoshop.com has got you covered. Shop now!

Feeders, Bait & Seed

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