Game Calls & Locators

Hunting in the wild calls for the right game calls & locators. Without a game call, you’ll certainly miss your chances of hunting a huge game. We at can help you by offering a wide range of game calls & locators such as elk call, goose call, and other big game calls.

Types of Game Calls

To use a game call effectively, you need to choose the right type that suits perfectly with your target. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up buying the wrong type of call more often than you’d expect. Here are the different types of game calls to suit your hunting preferences: 

  • Hand calls – as the name implies, a hand call is handheld and placed in the mouth. You will have to either suck or blow it to produce a mimicking sound. It’s a traditional type of game call which requires a bit of skill and practice. This is because you will need to learn about your target animal’s sounds and reproduce it perfectly.
  • Diaphragm calls – there are two types of diaphragms you can find here at Sumoshop. First is the mouth diaphragm, likewise known as the interior diaphragm. This type is placed into your mouth and produces sound by applying the right amount of pressure through your tongue. The other is tube diaphragm or the exterior diaphragm. It is often made of latex and can produce sound by holding its latex end against your mouth as you blow across it.
  • Electronic calls – an electronic game call such as the Predator Call by Cass Creek produces sounds by playing back premade sounds stored in a computer chip. Due to their ease of use, electronic calls are often ideal for beginners. However, they are quite expensive compared to other more traditional calls.
  • Box calls – a box call produces sound by holding the base and moving its top across it. It’s also relatively easy to use since you just need to know the appropriate angle of the two pieces striking to produce the right sound.

Buying Guide

Aside from the various types available, there are also other important factors you need to evaluate first before you buy any of our game calls & locators here at Sumoshop. Some of them are as follows:

1. Your Target

As mentioned earlier, you need the right game call depending on your target. While there are different types of game calls, each of them also has its own unique type intended only for a specific target. For example, you can find a hand or box call designed only for turkeys, deer, or elks. Before you proceed to purchase a call, make sure it’s designed for your specific target.

2. Sound Quality

The quality of sound produced by a big game call is important if you want to hunt a huge and game successfully. Sound is everything, and a good hunter should have a quality audio output to help attract the target into the trap as soon as possible.

3. Durable Design

A game call should be lightweight, portable, and durable. If you plan to go for an electronic call, you should choose one that will last for a long time and comes with batteries that are also durable and long-lasting.

4. Electronic Vs. Mouth Calls

Depending on your budget, you can either go for an electronic call or the traditional mouth call. While mouth calls are more lightweight and portable, electronic calls have more variety of sounds that are almost impossible to produce from mouth calls. However, they are a lot more expensive and less durable.

Hunting a game shouldn’t be difficult as long as you use the right game call. Simply head over to our shop and choose the right game calls & locators that will suit your style and target.

Game Calls & Locators

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