Game Processing Equipment

If you successfully managed to hunt down a big game, having the right game processing equipment at your disposal makes it easier to process the meat, remove the skin, and even chop off the head of your target to take home as trophy. Here at, we provide you just the right equipment such as a mounting kit, deer carcass bag, and more.

Types of Game Processing Equipment

Aside from skills, you will need the right tools to properly process your game. Here are some of the tools you need:

  • Carcass bag – after hunting down a game, you need to cut it into small pieces and keep them in a storage to keep them fresh and free from flies. The carcass or game hunting bag is the one to take care of that. With a game bag, you can keep the meat clean and free from contamination of any sorts.
  • Meat grinder – with a meat grinder, you can grind or mince your game’s meat quite easily. It is an indispensable tool that will help prevent your hunted meat from going bad. With a meat grinder, you can prepare meat depending on your desired cuts and sizes effortlessly.
  • Hunting knives – you can find specific knives intended for hunting purposes. They will help you cut meat more easily. Hunting knives are bigger, sharper, and more durable compared to other types of knives you can find in the kitchen.
  • Butchering knives – aside from hunting knives, you will also need butchering knives to process the meat at home. With a butchering knife, you can cut meat of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to cut portions to be used for food preparation and cooking.
  • Spices & marinades – these will help make your meat taste great when cooking or even when storing them in freezers. Once you managed to cut several portions of meat, infusing them with spices & marinades will greatly enhance their flavor.
  • Field Gloves – wearing gloves will provide you with a better grip, aside from keeping your fingers warmer. Also, it will keep both your hands and meat clean.

How to Process Your Game

With the right equipment, processing your game will become a lot easier. However, you should also know how. Here are some tips to help you:

1. When skinning your game, make sure to torch the hair. This will make sure that no hair will stick on the meat. You can use a butane torch to give it a quick torching.

2. Make sure you sharpen your hunting knives before and during cutting meat. Using a dull blade will only ruin the quality of the meat. Moreover, hunting knives may get dull easily when cutting pieces of meat. Make sure to carry a honing stone with you.

3. Use gloves. As mentioned above, using gloves when skinning or cutting your game is important to allow you to process the meat more easily.

4. Keep the meat cold as soon as possible. Bacteria will start to multiply at around 40 degrees, even faster as temperatures start to rise. The goal is to make sure to do it as soon as possible. You can use a walk-in cooler to help preserve the meat and keep it free from bacteria and contamination.

Hunting a game is not as easy as it sounds, more so when it comes to processing the meat. With the right tools at your disposal, along with the right set of skills, the entire process will become a lot easier.

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Game Processing Equipment

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