Hunting Optics

Hunting optics definitely have come a long way, from the traditional iron sights to the highly innovative laser and holographic sights. We at have a ton of hunting optics that will help you hunt down your game quickly and efficiently. You can find compact binoculars, hunting binoculars, hunting range finders, and more.

Types of Hunting Optics Available

Depending on your hunting style and certain hunting scenarios, you will need the right optics for the job. These are some of the types of optics you can find here at 

  • Binoculars – binos are considered the most popular optic equipment, and it’s due to a few good reasons. One, they are convenient and extremely lightweight. Two, they provide a much larger field of view, thereby allowing you to spy on larger areas with fewer movements. Third, they offer excellent magnification reaching up to 15x or even more. A good choice for hunting binocular would be the Blackhawk Binoculars by Barska Optics.
  • Rangefinder – a hunting range finder estimates the distance between you and your target. It’s ideal for close range hunting with the use of bows or pistols. However, it also works perfectly for long range shots due to the trajectory.
  • Trail Camera – trail or hunting cameras are designed to provide you with knowledge about your target’s movement patterns, locations, and habits. With advances in technology, having a trail camera could help you with your stealthy big game hunting adventures.
  • Field scope – a field scope is comparable to both binoculars and telescopes, except that it provides a more powerful magnification of up to 25x compared to binos. It’s a good choice if you want to stealthily observe your game from a farther distance.

Buying Guide

To purchase only the best quality products, make sure you consider these factors:

1. Magnification

A product with a high magnification power can provide you with a farther viewing distance. An optic’s magnification power is indicated in a series of numbers. For example, you can find a product with 8X40 or 8-10X40 magnification, such as the 8x40 Birder Combo Tan by Bushnell. An 8X40 magnification is fixed, meaning you can’t adjust its power to suit your preferences. Meanwhile, an 8-10X40 magnification means you can freely adjust its zoom between 8 and 10x.

2. Field of View

Field of view refers to how much area you can view at 1,000 yards when viewing through your scope. The field of view is determined by how large an optic’s objective lens diameter is. It comes next to an optic’s magnification power, hence an 8X40 product means it has a diameter of 40 for its objective lens.

A larger number will allow you to view a wider area, while a smaller number will narrow your field of view.  

3. Dimensions

The last factor you want to consider when looking for scopes and sights is their dimensions, particularly the size and weight. While they are both unobtrusive and extremely lightweight, every additional ounce or inch can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you want to opt for a spotting or field scope.

You’ll need a scope or sight that is as compact and portable as possible without sacrificing its performance and magnification power.

Choosing the right optics for your hunting adventure will ultimately boil down to personal preferences. However, you have to make sure not to skimp on the performance a hunting optic can provide you just because you want to save more cash.

At, you can find the best deals for hunting optics like compact binoculars, hunting binoculars, and hunting range finders. Feel free to browse our selection and choose your product now!

Hunting Optics

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