Hunting Scents

Are you in need of some hunting scents and attractants for your next hunting expedition? Here at, we offer a variety of scents that will greatly aid you in hunting the particular target you had in mind. We know how important it is to pick the correct items for a certain prey. With our varied selection, you may just find what you need. From a scent eliminator to deer scent and even predator scent, our stocks give an array of options for you to choose from.

After all, getting the proper scents will increase your chances for a successful hunt.

Buying Guide

Going out for a good round of hunting means preparing everything you need well ahead of time, and that includes picking the right hunting scentfor the trip. A good hunter prepares everything before leaving the house, and that includes a thorough body check to avoid getting noticed early on by his target. One of the things that can help is scent killers that you can apply on-site. But what should you consider when looking for the right scent? 

  • Know your target - with prey ranging from pigs to bears, you have to be doubly mindful of what kind of scent you need to actually use. One scent stick does not fit all. By being mindful of this simple fact, you raise your chances of a successful hunt by a huge margin. Knowing if you need a deer scent, for example, goes a long way in your hunt. Also, there are scent sticks designed for training your dogs. Knowing your target or by being mindful of a certain objective you wanted to reach is a good starting point.
  • Take note of a product’s effectiveness - it is very important to know the details of what your scent stick can actually offer you. Is it applicable to human skin or is it for landscapes or outbuildings only? Does it leak or is it weather resistant? Does it have an expiry date? How effective is the product and when do I need to re-apply it? Answering questions like these will aid you in finding the right scent you need.
  • Get to know the terrain - many animals can be found in one area, so carefully learning the location of the hunt is ideal. In some cases, you might need a particular predator scent to either keep predators away or attract them to where you want them to go. We cannot emphasize enough about the importance of being aware of where your hunting location is.
  • Invest on scent eliminators - even with all your preparations of using non-scented detergents, soaps, and sealing your clothes in air-tight storage to avoid contamination, you still can’t avoid the natural tendency of the body to produce sweat. Scent eliminators are important to hunting, and anybody who says otherwise must not have hunted long enough. Animals have acute senses, and being able to scent predators from a long distance is one of their natural survival instincts. That is why investing in a quality product would give you huge benefits in the long run.

Our list of hunting scents is guaranteed to be of top quality and will perform the task well. You can expect great deals from our selection. Here at, we provide items that can aid you in the hunting of wildlife such as pigs, coyotes, deer, and even bears. We also have scent sticks that can help in training your loyal dog companion for future hunting trips together.

So what are you waiting for? Have some game you’ve been itching to hunt? Choose from our selection of hunting scents now!

Hunting Scents

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