Insect Repellent

If you’re afraid of being bitten by pests while out in the woods, you will need an effective insect repellent. Luckily, offers natural insect repellent products to reduce your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes, ticks, and bugs. Depending on your needs, has a wide variety of repellent and insect spray you can choose from. Applying insect repellent will protect you from mosquito bites that may bring about certain diseases like dengue, West Nile Virus, and Chikungunya.

Our products are tested and proven safe and effective. To help minimize the risk of being bitten, using the right insect repellent is highly recommended.

Buying Guide

Before you decide on which product to choose, you should first know what to look for when buying insect repellents. Here are some considerations you might want to check: 

  • Long-lasting repellents - when buying insect sprays, choose one that provides protection for the hours that you will spend outdoors. Products that contain more DEET will protect you longer from mosquito and bug bites. DEET is an ingredient that is contained in the most effective repellents. It repels pests and has been tested to work against a variety of insects. Know what you need in terms of the type and concentration by taking into consideration how long you would spend time outdoors, and how exposed you might be to pests and mosquitoes.
  • If you have sensitive skin, it is advised to purchase repellents that contain Picaridin instead of DEET. Picaridin lotions are as effective as repellents that contain DEET. But unlike DEET, Picaridin has a mild scent to odorless. It is non-greasy and won’t damage your clothing. It does not dissolve plastics and synthetics as well. If you have certain health conditions and unsure of effects of exposure to chemicals, a picaridin lotion is a good choice.

User Tips

To maximize the effectiveness of an insect repellent, there are various things you need to know and remember. 

1. Apply repellent properly

When going to an outdoor adventure, you should apply only what is enough to your exposed skin and clothing, never under your clothing as that may be harsh on your skin. Never apply repellents to your skin if it has cuts and wounds. Doing so may irritate your skin. Also, do not directly apply the product to your face. Put it in your hands first then carefully rub it over your face, making sure to avoid your mouth and even eyes.

2. Supervise your children

Do not let your children apply insect repellent on their own. Be the one to apply to them. When applying repellent on your child, put the product first in your hands then rub them to your child. Remember to never apply the repellent to your children’s hands. Children tend to put their hands in their mouths, and that could make them ingest the product.

3. Reapplying the repellent

Determine how frequently you need to reapply repellent from the directions on the product. If you sweat, perspire, or get wet in your activity, the product will get off you. You are advised to reapply the repellent more frequently.

Never spray aerosol or pump products inside your house or other enclosed areas. Make sure to apply it outdoors.

No matter how much you enjoy your outdoor activities, you must take safety precautions to avoid acquiring viruses that are caused by insect bites. You wouldn’t want you and your loved ones suffer from diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, and Lyme disease. With all these in mind, you would know what the best product is for you.

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Insect Repellent

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