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Whether it is for opening letters and boxes, cutting rope, or hunting and tactical applications, the right knives and accessories can help you do your job effectively. offers a huge selection of folding and fixed blade knives from many reputable brands like Cold Steel, Kershaw, Buck, and many more. On top of that, we also have multi-tools, self-defense tools, ceramic knife sharpeners, and other outdoor and tactical gears.

A knife can be used to save lives, to make the most difficult situation easier, and worst case scenario, to defend against an attacker. That’s why we offer you only the finest knives and accessories from the best makers.

To help you decide which knife can satisfy your needs, you should first learn about the various types of knives as well as different types of blade shapes. 

Buying Guide 

When buying a knife, you may have to consider many things such as your job, your terrain, and even local laws. There are three types of knives: fixed blade, folding, and neck knives. 

Fixed blade knives are designed for outdoor enthusiasts, or for people whose jobs require tough, reliable knives. Most fixed blade knives have full tang blades, making them more durable and give the user more control. 

On the other hand, folding knives are perfect for people who carry knives in urban areas and have to conceal them. However, you may not feel comfortable using a folding knife for fearing that the lock may fail. This is where neck knives prove useful. 

Neck knives are compact fixed blade knives that can be concealed easily. They are usually worn on the neck but can sometimes be worn inside or outside the waistband or even attached to a boot. This offers the concealability of a folding knife and the durability of a fixed blade. 

Blade Profiles 

Any knife can cut and pierce through anything. However, a knife’s blade shape affects its ability to do just that. Below are some of the common blade shapes that you can find in our selection. 

  • Clip Point - the most common blade profile. It has a distinct tip: 1/3 of its spine length begins to recurve to the point. This recurved part of the tip has a false edge which can be sharpened into a real secondary edge. This blade shape lets the user penetrate quickly with a good slicing performance. Many military-issued knives like the US Air Force Survival Knife and many fixed blade hunting knives use this blade shape.
  • Drop Point - the second most-popular blade shape. The spine of the blade directly curves down to the tip which is located above the mid-line of the blade. The drop point profile is also seen in many hunting knives, as well as EDC (everyday carry) folding knives. It offers a stronger point than the clip point and also gives the user more control when slicing. Spyderco uses this type of blade shape in most of their knives, using the term “leaf-shaped” blade.
  • Tanto - a blade shape that is inspired by one of the Japanese traditional swords – the tantō, or “short sword”. The modern American tanto is popularized in the late 1970’s, and its tip differs a bit from the traditional blade. The tanto’s high point and reinforced tip are capable of stabbing and puncturing hard materials. Because of that, knives that have this blade shape are built for self-defense and tactical use. 

We guarantee you that our knives and accessories will never let you down. We only offer you the best, high-quality knives and other tools for you to get the job done. Whether you need a knife for camping, hiking, hunting, or a EDC pocket knife, has got you covered. Look no further because you can find them here in your one-stop shop.

Knives & Accessories

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