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For hunting and bushcraft enthusiasts, knowledge and firsthand preparation are important before venturing into the woods, and nothing does it better than outdoor books. Which is why we at aim to give you that knowledge with our selection of hunting books, bushcraft survival books, survival manuals, and more.

Aside from the finest gears, outdoor books are likewise important. After all, you’ll never know when an unexpected emergency may come up while you’re out there camping. The question is, how can you determine a good quality book or manual?

Buying Guide

You have to keep in mind that not all survival books are created the same. Some of them are more tailored to survival tips and guides. These might include books that talk about how to build your hut, how to search for food and water, creating fires, etc. One good example is Bushcraft by Richard Graves. Some might talk about how to forage edible plants, especially the ones you’ll find in the wild.

Some books may also come with illustrations to help make it easier to follow the instructions. There are even colored illustrations to help you identify wild and edible plants with absolute ease. To come across a reliable book, make sure you choose one that is written by an actual bushcraft specialist, especially one which is recommended by the army. Generally, these kinds of books are written by people who have dedicated a huge amount of time studying the wilds, and also those who have plenty of experience in the art of bushcraft.

Of course, you can seek some guides from prepping and survival blogs, but there’s just no better substitute than survival books. Here are some reasons why: 

  • They are written by experts who have experienced firsthand what it’s like to live and survive in the wilds.
  • They offer a number of new viewpoints. There are various bushcraft books that will present you with new information which you thought weren’t possible.
  • They are incredibly detailed and more in-depth. Here at, we don’t just include any survival books in our selection. We also make sure to handpick the ones that can provide you with detailed tips and information. 

Products Available

In case you’re wondering, here are some of the finest books we offer:

1. Badass Survival Secrets

Written by James Henry, this book aims to help you survive in the woods with the help of your own skills. The book will provide you knowledge about basic survival skills like creating a fire, looking for potable water, building your own shelter, searching for edible food, and more.

2. The Complete Guide to Edible Plants

This book is written and compiled to share knowledge on how to search for wild plants while you’re out in the woods. Since there are tons of inedible, and often poisonous, plants out there in the wild, proper identification is of utmost importance. This book includes information on a plant’s appearance, habitat, and which parts of it is edible. Not to mention, the photos are available in full color.

3. Ranger Medic Handbook

Accidents and other emergencies are sometimes inevitable when you’re out in the wild. It is for this reason why this handbook is hugely important. As the name implies, it provides first-aid tips and guides to help you treat any emergency in the event of an unforeseen accident. It’s definitely one of the must-have books you should carry with you.

Regardless if you’re a seasoned bushcraft survivalist or a newbie outdoor enthusiast, you will need the right amount of knowledge before you venture into the wild, much more when you’re deep in the woods. With our selection of hunting books, bushcraft survival books, and survival manuals, you can find the right guide for the right situation.

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Hunting Books

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