Walking Staffs, Poles & Canes

Are you scheduled for a long travel or backpacking trip and in need of strong and sturdy walking staffs, poles, & canes? If you want practically effortless steep climbs, then we at Sumoshop.com just might have something in store for you. With the right equipment, the fewer the chances of you stumbling on your path to your goal.

We provide equipment that will surely satisfy your need, not to mention our products consistently offer effectiveness and stability. Some of them include heavy duty walking canes, aluminium walking sticks, and adjustable hiking poles. What have you got to lose if you get to enjoy more of your favorite activity with an extra leg or even with a pair? 

Product Types

There are circumstances that people get confused with these types of walking staffs, poles, and canes, and they tend to buy the wrong type of equipment. If you happen to be a beginner, check these two types of walking poles to find out what is appropriate for your upcoming activity.

  • Walking Staffs – these are innovatively intended for various purposes. Generally, they are used as a single pole and are effective in relatively flat terrain.
  • Trekking Poles – trekking poles are mostly sold as a pair to enhance your stability and reduce the force brought by the weight of your body and backpack while hiking and backpacking. With one or two additional legs, hitting long trails is the least of your problems. These will greatly help you navigate through river crossings, large rocks, puddles, and downed logs.

Buying Guide 

If you are up for a trek or a hike, the primary things you need to consider is the suitability and stability of your equipment to different terrains. Moreover, its physical dimension is a great factor for your mobility while using it. Before choosing from our selection which includes heavy duty walking canes and more, here are some things you need to focus on:

  1. If your target equipment is non-adjustable, it is best that you know the possible angle of the terrain so that you can choose a walking stick with a length fit to your stature. However, adjustable hiking poles are most convenient since the direction of the path is only either uphill or downhill. It can always be helpful if you can adjust your pole length for different purposes.
  2. The weight of a walking pole depends on the raw materials used for its assembly. Typically, it is made of aluminum or carbon. Most of our products are made of aluminum which proves to be more durable, sturdy, and an economic option. The downside of an aluminium walking stick is that it is heavier than carbon poles. Still, how can you say no to something that lasts longer?
  3. The grip material is also one of the factors you should consider as it affects how the poles feel in your hand. The materials range from cork, rubber, and foam. If you are traveling in a hot weather and your palms sweat a lot, cork and foam grips are the best for you. Alternatively, rubber grips are mostly used during the cold weather so that your grip movement can insulate your hands.
  4. Some trekking poles come with shock absorbers. The cork or springs inside the pole cushion the shocks the equipment receives to make you more comfortable using it. These mostly help trekkers or hikers with achy joints or creaky knees.

Hitting the trails during the weekends is one of the finest stress relievers there is. It makes you appreciate the beauty of nature more and the silence it gives. However, inappropriate equipment can greatly affect the outcome of your journey. The effectiveness and quality of our products are here to guarantee to help you have the adventurous experience you are looking for.

Our offers exist to provide you with comfortable and durable items that will definitely make you browse Sumoshop.com for more. What are you waiting for? Browse our selection now and discover walking canes that will suit your hiking gear.

Walking Staffs, Poles & Canes

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