Water Treatment & Transport

For someone who frequents the wilderness, having a reliable water treatment & transport material is of utmost importance. After all, potable water sources become scarcer the deeper you go into the woods. Fortunately, we at Sumoshop.com offer a good selection of water treatment products such as water bottles and accessories, drinking water tablets, travel water filters, and more.

With the right products at your disposal, you can keep your water clean and even get rid of bacteria and any other contaminants that may plague your water supply.

Buying Guide

Before you venture into your outdoor adventure, make sure you bring the right product with you. But how can you choose the one that can meet your needs? Here are some factors you need to consider: 

1. Weight

When backpacking, one of the most important considerations is weight. You’ll want to travel as light as possible, and going for a lightweight water treatment product is a sound option. Every saved pound matters, so picking a heavy alternative is a no-no. Our Sawyer Mini Water Filter, for example, weighs only 2 ounces but is capable of filtering up to 100,000 gallons, thus making it an extremely lightweight option.

2. Chemicals

Chemicals, in the form of drinking water tablets or drops, are no doubt the lightest option available. However, they might induce a taste-changing effect on your drink, and most people don’t actually like the change in flavor provided by applying chemicals too often. In spite of that, they are capable of killing viruses and even protozoa which might be present in your water source.

3. Filter Pore Size

For mechanical water filters, a pore size refers to the size of the holes found in the filter. The smaller the pore size, the more effective a filter is. However, it should still be large enough to let water pass through. Pore size is measured in microns, so when choosing a filter, you should take a look at the pore size and the size of pathogen it’s capable of filtering. But of course, there might still be some pathogens that can pass through, but the filtered water should be safe enough for consumption.

Product Types

Water treatment & transport methods aren’t limited to water filters alone. There are actually a few other types of water purification products we have here at Sumoshop.com. They are as follows:

  • Chemical drops – this type of water purification method introduces chemicals into your water supply to eliminate any contaminants that might be present.
  • UV light purifiers – as the name implies, they use ultraviolet light to purify your water supply and remove any contaminants including viruses. However, they will require batteries and chargers to function.
  • Pump filters – the most common type of water treatment, a pump filter purifies your water with the help of a filter that has a small pore size which restricts bacteria and protozoa from passing through.
  • Gravity filters – a gravity filter works with the help of gravity. Basically, gravity pushes water through a filter, thereby removing the hassles of pumping.
  • Filter straws – a filter straw can be used to directly drink water from a nearby water source. The straw itself is a hollow fiber filter which removes any water impurities and contaminants before it even gets into your mouth.

With a water treatment method, heading out to an adventure in the woods becomes a lot easier and convenient. After all, you can’t really expect your water supply to last long, especially if you go camping during hot seasons. Also, it helps to have a reliable water transport available to give you quick and easy access to potable water anytime, anywhere.

Here at Sumoshop.com, we give you just that. Simply browse our selection of quality water bottles and accessories, travel water filters, drinking water tablets, and more!

Water Treatment & Transport

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